is a fitness expert, successful trainer, mindset shifter, busy mom, and seasoned army wife... All while living her life #ALLiN.

...In fitness

...In business

...In life

What does it mean to live #ALLiN?

You know that woman...

she’s always smiling, energetic, passionatly living life while juggling mom life.

Somehow, she still seems to make time for eating healthy and working out.

She has a tribe and a vibe that is so contagious you can’t help but feel more empowered just from her presence.

There’s no way she cleans toilets and keeps up with the laundry too?  Somehow... she's managing it all.

Do you see her? Is she YOU? Do you believe that she could be you?

No? Close your eyes for a minute. Go with me there. (Okay wait, don’t close your eyes, it’s likely there's a kid that might fall down the stairs or color on the walls if you don’t stay alert, and of course I want you to keep reading.)

I didn’t see myself as that woman either.


...Nor did I intend to be. My focus was narrow: Kids, clean house everyday, perfection, cook, carpool, homework, sign up sheets, household management, etc.  Whoa!  It's a full time job. And I feel still, my most important job!

I feel like I am really good at this important job of mine, but I’m good at other stuff too. Being an Army wife, for many years, I didn't see any options for me to work while still managining job #1 as a mom and wife, and I didn't really do anything to follow my own dreams.

There’s something about mom life that clouded my passions from being my purpose in my day to day life. My narrowed focus, thinking I had to be 100% the all sacrificial mom and wife, wore me down. I discovered that the most important work, that only a momma can do just right, was not the only work I was created to do and that pouring into my own cup was much needed for my mind, body, and soul.

I know firmly, that being a mom is amazing, but it is not the only work I was CREATED to do.

Focusing on ME has been a blessing to my family and women that allow me into their life!

If you are struggling a bit to find your way...to find YOU, please know that there can be MORE in this season that fills your cup. You’ll forever be busy, you'll continue to be a mom knockingout the to-do list... But maybe it’s time to add YOU to that LIST!

NIX FINAL 2 (1 of 2).jpg

How did I start adding myself to the list?  I got back to my love of fitness first and filled my momma cup that way. Little did I know what that would lead to.

Stepping into my true self and letting my interests and passions guide me, I gained new outlook on what fitness really is... It's a vehicle that can help women not just look and feel good, but step into their true power and confidence.  

I have a passion to EMPOWER women just like you to LIVE #ALLiN right where you are.

...In the thick of mom life 

...In the piles of laundry

...In the demands of household responsibilities

...The difficulties of solo parenting

...The, "I have so far to go, someone show me where to start" mindset

...The "I NEED SOMEONE TO RUN WITH that GETS ME because SHE IS ME!" place.  

I can meet you there.

I get you momma! I see you because I am you. And I want to grab you by the hand and RUN WITH YOU wherever you’re willing to run with me.



It's not as complicated as you’re thinking. Let me help you move.


I’ve simplified that for myself and 100’s of women, we reach our goals and don’t go crazy.

#ALLiN Living

Join me. Join us.


Meet Christie Nix...

  • Exercise Science and Kinesiology graduate from Georgia Southern University.

  • Married since 2003. Active duty Army family for 15 years. Living wherever the Army sends us.

  • Mom of three.

NIX FINAL (2 of 2).jpg

Christie reconnected with her passion for fitness after 55 pound weight gains with her first two pregnancies. Desperate to be thin again, her approach to weight loss was at all costs. Regardless of her knowledge from school, there was a disconnect between the book knowledge she had and the emotions and mindset she was experiencing as a new mom uncomfortable in her own skin. Despite her success at losing the weight, until she moved to Ft. Knox KY and committed to a BodyBuilding competition and strength training, did she connect all the pieces.

Through that journey she found her passion for empowering women, especially moms, on getting fit, fueling their bodies, and loving the skin they are in! Christie has worked as a personal trainer with 4 years plus experience. She currently works as on Online Trainer as a Sisters in Shape coach.

She’s worked with 100’s of women. Empowering them past the gym and into their #ALLiN life.

Christie also added an extension of her business partnering with Isagenix. After years of supplements, years of not finding the just right one, and years of not understanding the network marketing profession, Isagenix had her at their all-natural nutrition label and on the go business made for busy moms. The past three years she’s been an avid product user, partners her nutrition coaching with a nutrition system that’s just right for each client, and spends most of her time helping other women build their Isagenix business and earn a substantial incomes from home. Her favorite part of this business is to share the opportunity with other military spouses so they can earn a substantial income from any location their husband's job decides to take them.


Through the challenges of #armywifelife, the willingness to grow herself with fitness and business goals, rewire some mindset applications, and the demands that come from motherhood, Christie lives each day going #ALLiN at each of these beautiful and often messy parts of life, and shares them to EMPOWER you to do the same.

Competition Placings:

2011 NPC Southern Kentucky Figure Open Class A 1st place

2011 NPC Tricky Jackson Classic Open Figure Class B 2nd place

2015 NPC Kentucky Derby Open Figure Class B 4th place

2016 USA Powerlifting Georgia Spring Open 56kg 1st place

2016 UFE Liberty Fitness Division 1st place

2016 UFE Liberty Figure Division 2nd place

2017 USA Powerlifting Georgia Spring Open 56kg 1st place

2017 USA Powerlifting Georgia Spring Open Deadlift Champion