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It’s a beautiful life, really, if you choose for it to be.


Yes, we face many obstacles most families will know nothing about. We move often, start over, find new friends, miss our soldier, and learn a completely new language.


Professionally, as spouses, we have several mountains to climb and obstacles to overcome.

As moms, we don’t have grandparents and sisters to call for help, extra sleep, or baby sitting.

As wives, we have to learn how to live without the one person we can’t live without.

I could go on and on (and I will in future blogs). But IT IS a beautiful life when you choose for it to be. The friendships fierce, the community imperative, and the purpose for it all enough to get you through one more day. We’ve moved 8 times in 14 years, and at every location it has been my heart's desire to serve my purpose alongside my husband's desire to serve at his. I’ve looked for the places and opportunities to be involved.

Now as a fitness professional and wellness entrepreneur, I’m part of two big worlds that can be foreign and unknown to many: #fitmom, #armywifelife. My love of both worlds is so big, it's become a passion to share them with anyone reading, following, or listening.

Because of the #armywifelife, my businesses have been created, something I didn’t think was possible, something I want you to embrace as the possibilities that come from it are endless.  An #ALLiN life, even as an ARMY WIFE is totally possible.

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