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There are several ways I can help you reach your fitness, weight loss, or wellness goals.

  • I run seasonal challenge groups to coach nutrition and the fitness lifestyle

  • I accept a handful of online personal training clients each year

  • Click below to find out more or feel free to schedule a call with me to see what I recommend for your unique situation.


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What ClIents Are Saying...

Stephanie Dane


I began working with Christie in Summer 2016 when I set my sights on competing for the first time. Before finding Christie, I had connected with 2 other coaches who told me that my goal of competing was unrealistic. I connected with Christie, sharing my journey of a 35lb weight loss and my new dream of stepping on stage that fall. Her response was "Yes, you can absolutely do this." Christie coached me not only to my first show, but a Top 3 placement in two divisions. She transformed not only my body beyond anything I could have imagined... but most importantly, my mind. I discovered I truly can achieve anything with the right support and positive mindset. Christie's support, encouragement, knowledge and belief in my abilities (even during times when I doubted myself) has driven me to exceed anything I thought I was capable of. Any coach can hand you a meal plan and set of workouts .... but a great coach will TEACH you the tools needed to be successful long term. 16 months into working with Christie, and she still challenges me as much as the day I began with her. She's changed my body and my mindset... and the best part is, we're just getting started!

Natasha Hopkins


As a trainer, I knew the importance of finding the “right” coach to help me set and reach the ambitious goal of preparing for my first figure competition. I had been going back and forth for about a year but still had yet to meet “the one” and then I met Christie! In the very first conversation I had with her, it was like a light bulb went off and I knew she was it! A fire was ignited in me like never before and I asked if she would coach me through the process.  Everything from her coaching style to her personal style captivated me. During my time working with Christie, she has always put my best interest first whether it be workout programming, nutrition guidance and most importantly emotional support and motivation.  She has coached me through some huge challenges during this journey and her coaching has gotten me through all of them!  But wait….. did I forget to mention that I am at my strongest .  My body has evolved in amazing ways and I have developed from the inside and out.  The cherry on top of it all, is that we have linked arms as health and fitness professionals and strive to help others to be their best. To be able to work amongst an amazing tribe of women, is pretty darn EMPOWERING!  I am proud and eternally grateful to to be #aLLiN with Christie not only as a client but also as a health and fitness professional.

Emily Howell


When I first started training with Christie I was depressed and overwhelmed. I was eating around 800 calories a day and I was starving my body. I was overweight and weak. I am a super busy wife and mother of 7. Christie helped change my mind set and that food wasn't the enemy. I went from 142lbs with no muscle to 119lbs with muscle! I've learned that I can have balance with food, lifting and caring for my family. Words cannot even express the support I've received from Christie.