Why I Hated Network Marketing... And Why I Changed

By Christie Nix

Situation 1……

Hey Girl…..Hey…Hey you…..

(guy yelling and hanging out his car window as he’s leaving the gym and I’m dragging my kids in)…..

You ever heard of (insert supplement company here)…..

Yes…yes I have and I wouldn’t consider buying anything from you while you yell and hang out your car!!!

Situation 2…..(In the gym mid workout)

Wow…you look amazing…you should really consider using (insert supplement company here)……I sell it and have made a million dollars…..your life could be so much better if you made more money……and you could just tell everyone that’s what you used to look the way you do and anyone would buy it……….

Situations 3…….

Just drink this shake and lose 30 pounds in 3 weeks…. that’s all you have to do….here is a picture of JimBobJoeEarl and he just drank this shake and that’s all and now looks great…….its so easy…..

And that’s just 3 of the many encounters I’ve had with most MLM companies and their representatives…I’ve even seen some wait outside the ladies locker room for their next victim…I mean potential client to give a free sample, tell them their a winner and that they should use their brand and all their fitness goals will come true……..

It can be a messy business…. mixing someone’s health and fitness goals with the financial goals of another…

*** AND…..I’m not saying that ALL multi-level marketers are this way…..it just leaves a lasting impression when they are and makes almost anyone want to go the other direction…..

But….I have changed my tune……I have joined the ranks of MLM (multi level marketing)! AAAHHHH how did that happen!?


It was a thought out decision I will assure you of that.

I know nutrition, I know macros, clean eating, calories in and calories out…. even competition prep…. and on any nutrition plan, I’ve always relied on supplements.

As a busy mom/trainer, always on the go, I use supplements as much for convenience as I do to help meet my nutrition goals for the day. (Protein powder being my biggest staple, but also high quality vitamins, meal replacements, pre-workouts, energy mixes, protein bars, water enhancers, etc. etc.)

Enter Isagenix….

After a friend suggested this brand as a high quality option, I made the switch and instantly felt like I was getting my moneys worth…..all natural, clean, undenatured protein sourced from grass fed cows not treated with hormones or antibiotics, gluten free, no soy….non GMO and on and on and on….oh and great taste…..macros on point and all in this convenient pre-measured pack I can take on the go….

I loved the Isagenix products, and I knew in my gut I had a decision to make….. Did I want to start a business in MLM by recommending what I loved to others? Or did I want to stay “anti MLM”?

As I considered, researched and prayed…..it hit me: I am the one who decides the kind of business I want to have. I can make the multilevel marketing experience better for my followers and clients… ANYONE looking to take fitness, nutrition and training to the next level by adding proper supplementation.

How can I change the bad name MLM gets? Well, I’m not going to hang out of my car, sit outside the locker room or soccer fields to rub shoulders and hassle anyone……and I’m not going to sell you a quick fix and be on my way…..

I want to teach you about nutrition and training and how to choose the right supplements.


As an Army wife stay at home mom who has found a way to grow her training business through social media I see this as another service I offer…and if you trust me with training

and nutrition advice I would hope you trust me with supplementation advice.

Now I HAVE FOUND A BRAND I LOVE…that I can’t wait to tell you about, that plays a significant role in my progress and can do the same for you…..


I’m so confident in my choice of Isagenix…my results alone speak for themselves….most of you know I used the 30 day weight loss system and had amazing results. 10 months postpartum I was big time stuck, made the switch and instantly started to see all my muscle I had been working so hard to build. I love the bars, protein shakes, cleanse, ALL OF IT!!! I endorse it all, lol!! And I can say that because I have tried it all and use it all myself DAILY…..

But more than that I trust the business model and ethics of Isagenix…no one has pressured me to sell, push product, or make a quota…they are generous to me as a consultant and make it worth my time to share with anyone looking to lose weight, add muscle or trying to attain optimal training performance.

I get to share Isagenix the way I choose….and FitNix has always been about the work, the work in the gym and outside the gym…you still have to put in the work for these supplements to be effective, my results serve as physical proof of that….

I’ve always been passionate in my pursuit to help others live their best life, living ALL IN… in all that we do… and our health and fitness is part of that!!

Let me know how I can help in any way…. training, nutrition and now, yep, supplementation!!!

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