Last year I added in person clients back to my services, a stretch to my schedule that I made fit because of my BIG purpose. 

Through personal and online training, it’s my mission to empower women to love lifting, own their nutrition, and LIVE #ALLiN outside of the gym with power and confidence (especially mommas). 


Quickly my time slots were full, God provided the right women for me to serve, and we went to work. 



But it wasn’t my gym and over time my ability to operate fully as FitNix began to be challenged. The pay was good, my LOVE for training kept me going, I do what I say I’m going to do, so I stayed #ALLiN. 

Somewhere along the way, I could feel it in my gut, it was time to make a hard decision. I wasn’t #ALLiN for my clients if I couldn’t operate the way I’ve come to learn is most effective. I was doing my job, but not my IMPACT. 

I felt like I’d be abandoning my clients making the hard choice to part ways, like I was leaving a flourishing flower to bloom without its nourishment. Thankfully, they all understood, #empoweredwomendo. 

Professionally, I learned saying no this isn’t for me, only strengthens what is! My brand wasn’t worth compromise. 


The past 4 years I’ve successfully operated my passions in the online world thanks to #armywifelife. Because of that platform, I’ve owned and navigated what’s best for each of my clients, not what’s best for a gym I work at. 


You will never hear me tell you, your lack of results are from a lack of hustle or grind. You don’t need that from me. 

I won’t force you to eat one way, from a list of foods, or even a formula of numbers if you don’t want to. There is no easy way or hard way, just a path that works for you, and will lead to the changes you’re looking for. 

I will ENCOURAGE you that with hard work and determination, you can be stronger, fitter, better each day you show up. And remind you on the days you don’t, it’s the choice to keep going that teaches you to be a grinder. 

I will tell you each rep matters, each push through the pain counts, and each action toward stomping out fear is what’s changing you, so much more than any perfect meal plan can. 
Each of my clients need and deserve a unique approach that meets them where they’re at, and pushes them to the next level. Pounds lost, inches gone, muscle built, strength gained, or stage ready, let’s go! 

We will find a formula that fits and guides you, if you want one. You will eat what works for your life, nourishes your body, and provides vitality in health, not what only gets the #gains and #sixpackabs. Happiness and ease of motion will be considered as we measure change and progress, it’s all a part of your overall health. 

And we will get results. 

My online client, Vanessa Goodman! 

My online client, Vanessa Goodman! 

IMG_4738 copy.png
Online client through Sisters In Shape. 

Online client through Sisters In Shape. 

It’s been 3 months since I made more space to step into my online training full time. I didn’t share or post about it, the pages of this life experience had been filled in, but my words needed time to show up. 

Online training can be a hard concept to understand, the platform unique to transformations that extend beyond measurements and progress pics.

So, when you’re ready to be IMPACTED past the fitness standards and into your fittest life, I’m your girl, from one duty station to the next, I would love to serve you! 



#ALLiN #FitNix