My figure suit….that I proudly wore on stage AFTER having two kids, made an appearance yesterday. The time has come for my coach to see what we’re working with so I squeezed into this teeny tiny suit, for the first time after baby #3.
If you want a humbling experience put on a figure suit….you will be full aware of your progress and “this area needs some work” realities.

All that aside this got me thinking. This sweet baby and my two girls didn’t RUIN my body. You hear so many women say having children RUINED their bodies. Does it change us, holy moly yes, that’s not up for debate here!! But my body is not ruined.

I can lift heavy weights and I’m getting stronger by the day. I can run outside and feel the warm sun on my skin. I can jump and skip with my little girls while we play outside. My body is not RUINED it’s amazing. It has given me three healthy beautiful children.

Even if I NEVER look as good as I did when I could wear this suit…… I am not RUINED. I have the ability to try but more than that I know my worth and happiness do not come from wearing this suit.

It comes from the desire to try, the dedication for better and the persistence in my pursuit of strong. Progress not perfection.

I never want my kids to hear me say they ruined my body, especially my girls, no wonder as women we think having kids is the end of bikinis and short dresses…..that’s what we hear from other women with children a lot of the time.

I have stretched skin, stretch marks, some extra pounds to lose, and don’t get me started on the boobs or bags under my eyes….but I am not ruined and neither are you!!!

Learn to fall in love with progress not perfection and you begin to know with each new day, as a woman, and as a mom, that you are amazing. You are capable of change and you can work hard on a body you love, even if it never fit’s into a teeny tiny figure suit.


Originally published April 7, 2014